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I'm Ready to Downsize My Space

Gina Hillis

Gina Hillis, Broker  with Hillis Group Realty, is a well-established and highly experienced real estate professional with a strong reputation for...

Gina Hillis, Broker  with Hillis Group Realty, is a well-established and highly experienced real estate professional with a strong reputation for...

Sep 14 4 minutes read

Everyone goes through distinct life stages. It is not unusual, after having spent so many years building up the trappings of your success, for you to have reached a point where you simply want to live with less. Downsizing your home can mean a lot of different things. Fewer rooms to clean and maintain. Less property to look after. No maintenance concerns, grass cutting or snow shoveling. And an overall simplicity that adds to your quality of life. 

Were Do I start? In real estate, less means more. Before perspective buyers come into your home, you will need to take most of your cherished belongings out. Go through your place now – room by room – and make a list of what you can take out now. Get a storage unit if you have to – the results will be worth it. We think there’s a lot to be said for taking before and after pictures of the rooms you’ve staged. Remember, if you can’t really see the difference, it’s not different enough!

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 The little marks of wear and tear that come from living in your home can make it less appealing to the buying eye. Take a look around. You know there’s a job list waiting to be written! You need to make sure the cosmetics are taken care of, and that there are no glaring, price reducing problems. 

The process of packing up everything you own is exhausting – both physically and emotionally. Fitting the furniture and decor from one
house into another can also be a challenge. We suggest that you put some budget aside for the carpet you didn’t know you’d need, or a sofa
to replace the one that looks so wrong.  

Market conditions apply equally to all the homes for sale that are similar to yours. The people who look at your house will inevitably be comparing it to others. If a number of people see and want your house at the same time, the perceived value will likely go up. The desirability of your home to buyers is competitive and a matter of opinion. Our role is to encourage that competition and to present it favorably. On one hand, staging is about making your house seem as non-lived-in as possible. On the other, it’s about starting your move early. Why not start well in advance and save on the moving and storage expense. 

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